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Weir Cat Series~ Chloe's Chance

Posted by [email protected] on August 8, 2013 at 10:40 PM

Chloe’s Chance

Second Book in the Weir Cat Series:

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Chloe's family is part of an amazing legacy, one that she would've given almost anything to be a part of herself. She just didn't understand why the spirits wouldn't trust them, the women of the tribe with the ability to protect their loved ones. They weren't weak or scared of their shadows, so spirits she just didn't understand. After every plea, there was the same whisper on the air.

"Your time will come Chloe, your time will come."

Chloe lives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, Cheyenne Wyoming. It is surrounded with beauty that reaches all the way to her soul. Chloe's ancestors settled here on these mountains and this is their story:

Weir Cat's Story:

"Many moons ago there set a village that sat on the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The Arapaho Indians lived in a peaceful existence within their small part of the world. Life was hard but with the help of their spirit guides, there always seemed to be just enough to eat. One morning after the men had left on a hunting party, the Ute Indians attacked the village.

During the attack, the Chief's infant son died. When the Chief and the hunting party returned, there was much sorrow. As the Chief stood over the body of his infant son, he asked the Spirits to grant him and his warriors, the ability to protect their tribe.

The Chief's animal spirit was a cougar, so from that day forth all of the men of the tribe were able to transform into the shape of a cougar to protect their people. From that day forward, the tribe where then known as the, "Weir Cat Tribe". As legend says, the ability to transform passed from father to son down through the ages.

This is my story I am an ordinary girl living with an extraordinary family. I’m the baby of three children. My name is Chloe Rivers. I’m sixteen years old and I consider myself the girl next door. I have dreamed of being special from the time I was old enough to hear the stories of my ancestors legacy. The first time my brothers changed into their cougars I was fascinated. It was the first time I felt the differences between us. I felt the jealousy that could ultimately change the person I am destined to be if I let it.

Chloe loved her family with all her heart. She just never understood why the spirits only trusted the men to protect their loved ones. Chloe grew into a young woman, and she buried the feelings deeper and deeper. Not wanting to not hurt her father and brothers with her longings. Chloe promised herself that she wouldn’t allow her desires to come between them. She liked to think that she had at least hidden it well enough that they never once knew.

Chloe will face many challenges as she comes to care for a new boy that has brought trouble into their world. Will she be strong enough to face what the spirits have in store for her? Will she make the right choice, when it matters the most? To help bring the forth the destiny that only started with Lily.



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