Dakota Lindsey

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Weir Cat Series

Lily’s Choice

First Book in, Weir Cat Series

    At sixteen, Lily felt like she didn't belong anywhere.  She was not too happy when her mother announced they were moving again, this time back to her hometown.  Lily is shocked to discover that her mother had been keeping secrets from her, and they were big ones.


   Trying to deal with revelations about her past, and also make new friends is made extremely easy since she is some kind of missing heir.  However, easy, doesn't mean that Lily is not in danger.  Someone wanted her out of the way, for good this time.  With her new best friends and her handsome new mate, they will face the danger together and try to unravel the secrets long buried. 


  In this face paced book about Weir Cat's, we discover that not all is what it seems to be, in the town of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Becoming a part of the Tribe is the difference between life and death. 

Chloe’s Chance


Second Book in the Weir Cat Series:


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     Chloe's family is part of an amazing legacy, one that she would've given almost anything to be a part of herself.  She just didn't understand why the spirits wouldn't trust them, the women of the tribe with the ability to protect their loved ones.  They weren't weak or scared of their shadows, so spirits she just didn't understand.  After every plea, there was the same whisper on the air.


"Your time will come Chloe, your time will come."

WeirCat Series

Rodger’s Gift

    The air was filled with the smells of Christmas as Rodger made his way to the school for the last day before Christmas vacation.  Everything was all decorated for the holiday season that was approaching.  Rodger could remember when the holidays were his favorite time a year.  Since he lost his mother two years ago his dad didn't allow anything to do with Christmas. 


    This year Rodger was determined that this Christmas season was going to be different.  For the first time after ten years, he is going to see his young friend Katelynn.  They were inseparable as children growing up.  Her parents had moved away when they were very young.  Rodger had kept in touch with Katelynn all these years, staying close though over four thousand miles separated them.


    Katelynn had sadly lost her parents just six months ago, and a family friend was her guardian until she turned eighteen.  Katelynn had talked her guardian into visiting over Christmas vacation.  It was all Rodger could do to hold in the happiness of seeing Katelynn in person once again.  He decided Christmas was going to happen no matter what it took !

Serena’s Vision

Fourth book in the Weir Cat Series

Coming this Valentine's Day!

Serena’s life had changed so much over the last few months.  She had watched her friends falling in love and fighting an unknown enemy.  Lily would have died without her mate’s quick thinking.  Danger surrounded them and no one was exempt from its far-reaching tentacles.  Without the arrival of the Royals, they would have surely lost these battles and she would have lost her best friend, Chloe.

Now, she is so much more than the average eighteen year old.  You see—Serena is a hereditary Gypsy Seer.  She came from a line of Seers who have worked alongside the Weir Cat Tribe for many, many years.  Her own grandmother was a trusted member of the Tribe before her disappearance, Serena just recently discovered.  To make her life even more complicated—even amazing―she was now a Royal Weir Cat as well.

The Rivers have always held a very special part in Serena’s life.  As the years passed, a certain someone took root in her heart and refused to leave.  Sid was older and never seen her as more than his little sister’s best friend―or so she thought.  Serena’s heart had always belonged to Sid, but now she was having doubts.  After her transformation, he was finally noticing Serena for the young woman she has become, and the mate he hasn’t claimed.

Except now—all Serena can wonder is, does he truly want me?

Will he win the heart of his mate this Valentine’s Day?